Arches Orthotics Type 2 – Neutral Control

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The Arches™ line of Orthotics by FootScientific provides balance of correction, comfort, and performance for both the athlete and the lay user. Three distinct designs balance and stabilize each of the three major foot types. The materials surpass comfort of most custom footbeds while retaining corrective features. The primary material, a cork amalgam, holds its comfortable shape over time with extra cushion for the heel and ball of the foot.

The Arches™ Orthotics Type 2 for the neutral foot provides cradling support, comfort and stability. Pressure is dissipated evenly through the foot for comfort, injury prevention, and sensitive performance.

Place a pair of orthotics in each pair of shoes for maximum benefit. (Quantity discounts available.)

Each pair of orthotics is designed with 5 layers.

1 – Shock Absorbing Gel Pads: works for additional shock absorption and comfort

2 – Form Correcting Molded Cork: allows for shock absorption, maintains the alignment, and maintains the correction of the orthotic

3 – Heel Stabilizing Padded Foam: stabilizes the heel, providing comfort and support

4 – Comfort Layer of EVA Foam: allows for persistent shock absorption and comfort of the wearer

5 – Stay Dry B.K. Mesh: works to control perspiration, odor control, and transitional cushioning

Package contains: pair of Arches™ Orthotics Type 2 – Pronation Control


If you purchase this product and are unsatisfied for any reason, return it within 90 days for a refund of the original purchase price. (Buyer pays for return shipping.)

1 review for Arches Orthotics Type 2 – Neutral Control

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    I tried 4 different Foot doctors who all made different Orthotics for my foot condition, Plantar Fasciitis. I was so very frustrated because I still had foot pain and not one of them really helped my condition.
    One even suggested cutting my tendons to cure the problem!!!
    I decided to do my own research and happened to come across a video by Dr. Chris Hughes who described how his company made orthotics and why.
    I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose and bought a pair from The Foot Store and to shock and amazement, by the 2nd day only, my foot had amazing relief. I bowl hundreds of games competitively and this allowed me to once again to bowl pain free and walk daily pain free.. I ordered two more pairs for my other shoes and have been pain free since.

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