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Arches Orthotics: The Most Effective Alternative to Custom Orthotics

ARCHES SPECIALTY ORTHOTIC LINE, was developed over a 10 year period, what we found is the majority of foot deformities could be classified into 3 types. The corrective features were developed to meet unmet contouring needs typical to collegiate athletes and have been applied successfully for the general population to achieve support, comfort, and correction until now only hoped for through a custom made orthotic.

Foot Arch Orthotics

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The Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace – Discreet, More Effective & Fully Customizable

foot drop braceWith innovative foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Faux and FootScientific, the Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace was created as so many drop foot patients were unsatisfied with the comfort and/or durability of available bracing options. This brace is inconspicuous and versatile, yet very stable and comfortable. The Elevate Drop Foot Brace is so versatile; sleek and stylish, it can be worn comfortably with the majority of male or female shoe styles on the market — even sandals!

The Remedy Identifier – Find the Solution for Your Foot Problem

Pinpoint the source of your foot pain or concern, and find the solution to resolve it.

Foot Remedy Identifier

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