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Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace

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In 2011, FootScientific teamed with renowned foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Robert Faux. Dr. Faux and his drop foot patients were unsatisfied with the comfort and/or durability of available bracing options. Under his design guidance, the Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace was created with these needs in mind. This brace is inconspicuous and versatile, yet very stable and comfortable.

The Elevate Drop Foot Brace is so versatile; sleek and stylish, it can be worn comfortably with the majority of male or female shoe styles on the market — even sandals!

…And unlike most drop-foot braces available online, the elevate brace is durable. The Spectra Cord and BOA System (which customize the lift of the shoe) will hold weights that by far exceed any pressure or pull that can be applied to the brace.

Our revolutionary design is highly customized to your need and liking. Elevate is licensed with the easy to use and durable “Boa Technologies”. This allows the patient to lift their foot to the desired level and release tension and/or readjust the height at any given time during the day (see video below):

While developing Elevate, ongoing input from patients and a formal survey of 30 people with foot drop helped FootScientific best understand the primary concerns with other dropfoot braces on the market. Three issues consistently topped the list of those surveyed:


  1. Current Braces were uncomfortable
  2. Current Braces limited footwear types and styles
  3. Current Braces were often inconvenient or poorly designed for functionality


Answering the needs of those surveyed inspired the design for the Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace! Customers who purchased the Elevate Drop Foot Brace love it! We often hear “I got my life back.” They satisfactorily report:

The “Elevate™” Drop Foot Brace was designed for those with Drop Foot to answer the need for:

  • More Versatility - Elevate does not depend on shoe style and is also great at the beach or around the house.
  • Better Comfort - Elevate completely avoids the bulk and discomfort of other braces on the market (users are ecstatic about this….)
  • Better Stability and Highly Customizability - Elevate, is licensed with the easy-to-use and durable “Boa” technology. This means the foot can easily be lifted to the desired level, or released altogether throughout the day.

We have listened to sufferers of Drop Foot, and designed an affordable, yet comfortable, versatile and highly customizable brace. Click the button below to buy it now. We guarantee you will be happy with our brace! You can try it for 90 days and return it for any reason.
Please call us today with any questions regarding the Elevate Drop Foot Brace. Or simply order below.

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OPTIONAL: Eyelet Maker to Customize Any Shoe

The Crop A Dile™

G03A4007 300x200 Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace

Now you can customize practically any shoe or sandal in your closet. The CROP A DILE™ EYELET PUNCH enables shoes without eyelets to be modified with ease.

Not recommended for soft leather or thin materials.

footscientific cropadile Elevate™ Drop Foot Brace